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3 Ways How To Prepare For A Recession

Recessions come and go, but it is important you are prepared for a recession, and can capitalise on the opportunity when stocks are cheaper. Holding cash, having an emergency fund, and paying debt, are three ways to not only prepare yourself, but benefit from a recession.

Should You Use A Stocks & Shares ISA?

The answer is an overwhelming yes. It’s a no brainer.
I was reading the recent addition of Hargreaves Lansdown’s ‘Investment Times’ magazine and there was an article written on whether ISAs (in general) are a thing of the past.
This shocked me because why would someone not want to use an ISA? It’s the perfect way to grow your wealth tax free.

#1 – Why You Need Financial Education | The Making Money Simple Podcast

The show notes for The Making Money Podcast. #1 – Why You Need Financial Education.

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Start Your Personal Finances Right In 2021

Want to get your personal finances in shape? Then the start of the year is a perfect excuse to do this. Whether 2020 was a good or bad year for you, it’s time to move onwards and upwards in 2021.

#2 – Credit Cards With @thepfcoach | The Making Money Simple Podcast

The show notes for The Making Money Podcast. #2 – Credit Cards With @thepfcoach.


Your House Is Not An Asset, But It Could Be

Your house is not an asset.
So, how can you turn it into an asset? In this blog post I will explain why your house is not an asset, why that is necessarily not a bad thing, and also how you can turn your house into an asset.

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