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Inflation: What Is It and Why Does It Matter?

Inflation is decreasing the value of your money each year. Hence, instead of saving your money in a current account earning minimal interest, start investing to beat inflation!

Why You Should Invest

Whilst investing isn’t for everyone, there are several fundamental reasons why you should be invested in the market, primarily to offset inflation and grow your wealth

Should You Hold More Cash?

The stock market is near all time highs. Property prices are high. Bonds don’t seem to be doing much. Gold has got more expensive. Bitcoin is still in its infancy. Is cash now king?

Most Recent Blog Posts

Start Your Personal Finances Right In 2021

Want to get your personal finances in shape? Then the start of the year is a perfect excuse to do this. Whether 2020 was a good or bad year for you, it’s time to move onwards and upwards in 2021.

#2 – Credit Cards With @thepfcoach | The Making Money Simple Podcast

The show notes for The Making Money Podcast. #2 – Credit Cards With @thepfcoach.


Your House Is Not An Asset, But It Could Be

Your house is not an asset.
So, how can you turn it into an asset? In this blog post I will explain why your house is not an asset, why that is necessarily not a bad thing, and also how you can turn your house into an asset.

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